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Frequently Asked Questions

Bande’s class formats are distinctly interactive; you won’t want to keep your camera off and will feel more seen than you ever were in a studio class. Prepare to be met, coached, and remembered. From specialized instruction for any level, condition, or injury you may have, to knowing just when to push and lift you up, our instructors have a unique talent for connecting with each and every person in class.

Bande offers several membership options to help you maximize your fitness goals. Discover your best bande experience, here.

Any recommended equipment is always optional, but the most useful to have on hand is a yoga or fitness mat, and 3-5 pound hand weights. As soon as you sign up for your class, you’ll receive an email that details the equipment you need for that class. We encourage you to book your classes ahead of time to give you a chance to prepare.

We’re so glad you asked. Sign up for a week, on us. After seven days, your paid subscription will begin. Your membership will automatically renew each month on the same date.

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