Pilates expert and the creator of Slide & Sculpt. “I'll give you tough love (emphasis on the love)!" AJ started dancing at age three and never looked back, continuing her career through college and beyond. With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry at studios like Xtend Barre and Strengthen- Lengthen- Tone (SLT), she’s shared her passion for exercise with students of all ages and skill levels. Her philosophy is that working out should be both effective and enjoyable, and she never shows up to class without her infectious smile.

"It's all about feeling good. It’s about showing up for yourself, giving yourself well deserved “me time,” and feeling proud of what you’ve just accomplished."

Amanda Jenny
Amanda Jenny

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What’s your teaching style?
I end every class by saying, "and you are cooked!" It’s because I want you to feel good at the end of your workout. Not underdone, not overdone, but just right. Yes, I will challenge you in class. Yes, you will push your limits. But, you’ll always have options so you can do what’s best for you at any given moment.
What's your go to mantra when things get rough?
"I can and I will!" It's all mental. Magic happens when we start believing in ourselves.

Hear What Other Members Have To Say

Anita A.

Amanda is amazing! She has the most energy and makes me smile! Her classes are so challenging and she inspires me to be my best self and not to give up! She's a superstar!! Thank you Amanda!!!

Molly S.

Amanda is my "go to" instructor for a hard and "safe" workout for my aging body :) I love to push myself but I also notice that little tweaky errors in my workout may set my fitness plans back weeks. Amanda has enthusiasm, steady encouragement, lots of advice on positioning and modifications, oh yeah, and a terrific workout that leaves you feeling spent. Combine your most nurturing relative, with your best friend, and a inspirational fitness superstar and you have AJ!

Lynne M.

Amanda is a sensational teacher! She is so enthusiastic and positive in every class she teaches. Her cues are excellent. She always gives modifications. Her dance background shines through in every exercise. She pays attention to every student and has a wonderful sense of humor. whenever I finish her class, I feel rejuvenated and happy.