After ten years in finance and two adorable girls, Andrea decided to pursue her passion for dance with the goal of helping everyone (but especially moms) reach their fitness goals. Andrea favors workouts that are efficient and fun. She wants her students to look forward to class. Driven by music, Andrea’s classes allow you to forget about reps and get lost in the beat. You’ll sweat, laugh and feel amazing after class.

"Virtual fitness is the future and bande makes working out from home easy and efficient."

Andrea Saty
Andrea Saty

Get to Know Andrea Saty

What's your go-to mantra when things get rough?
You are so much stronger than you think.
What’s your teaching style?
Fun and inclusive. I will never yell at you I will just tell you to have more fun!

Hear What Other Members Have To Say

Paulina U.

I started taking dance cardio classes with Andrea since December 2020, and have been taking every offered class with her during week. Andrea takes you through the dance moves step by step, and her technique and routine is amazing. Andrea exudes positive and vibrant energy, which is contagious, and makes you want to dance and move your body! Her class is a full body work out, and at the end of the class leaves you feel happy and rejuvenated!

Amaya W.

Andrea's Friday afternoon dance classes are a must-have on my schedule! It's like a party that counts as a workout. Great beats, fun and interesting choreo, and lots of good vibes. The toning segments are not easy but you're "dancing" while doing them, which helps get past the burn!

Rebecca B.

Andrea's class always makes me smile and laugh. I've never been a dance but somehow I feel like one in her class.