9x "Best Yoga Instructor in Jackson Hole" recipient. Eclectic and challenging combos. Ariel’s gracious demeanor and courageous strength is infectious. She has led yoga teacher trainings for the past 10 years and has been awarded Gold for Best of Jackson Hole’s Yoga Teachers for nine consecutive years. Additionally, Ariel has worked as a yoga Instructor, indoor cycling instructor, Barre teacher, personal trainer, and private chef. Ariel’s teaching style is eclectic, creative, challenging and fun, served up with heaping spoonfuls of “tough love.”

"In a time when we are physically distanced, bande makes the world seem closer and more connected."

Ariel Mann
Ariel Mann

Get to Know Ariel Mann

What brought you to the fitness industry?
A shattered jaw and 50 stitches on my face! The recovery put me on the couch with my mouth wired shut for for 8 weeks and gave me plenty of time to contemplate what I was doing with my life. I realized that I wasn't fulfilled, so I quit my real estate job and started my own health and wellness business.
What’s your teaching style?
Seriously fun and playfully hardcore!

Hear What Other Members Have To Say

Babbs W.

Ariel is one of my very favorite yoga instructors. She allows space for everyone, giving permission to do my practice at my own pace which means always providing modifications for a more gentle flow or to go deeper. She is welcoming, kind, accepting, upbeat, and well-thought-out in her teaching. She never misses an opportunity to make her students feel special, always mentioning birthdays and other celebrations when she knows them. She creates a theme/plan for each week prior to the week's onset that weaves mental and physical practice together in the most beautiful way. This allows me to see how different/similar my own mental and physical practice are on any given day in one week. I have followed her in different programs and platforms and will continue to do so. She is awesome. ♥️

Antonia H.

Ariel's classes are exactly what I need after a long day. Her yoga classes are calming, yet they help you build so much strength. Simply wonderful.

Carol M.

Ariel has wonderful uplifting energy, and she has the ability to make everyone feel welcome. I have learned so much from the variety of poses she teaches, from her creative sequencing and the wisdom teachings she includes in every class. Her cues are impeccably clear, and she also has a sense of humor. I always feel inspired body, mind and spirit from Ariel's classes. She is a gifted teacher.