Top trainer at NYC hedge fund. "Having fun while working out will turn fitness into a lifestyle." With over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, Edell believes that movement is a necessary component for physical and mental wellness. His philosophy is to be better than yesterday through consistency and healthy habits. His classes are designed to elevate your heart rate and increase strength and endurance. E also works as a head trainer at Balyasny Asset Management.

"Together, we’re creating a space that is engaging and moves us toward building a healthier lifestyle.”

Edell Pineda
Edell Pineda

Get to Know Edell Pineda

What was your go-to sport as a kid?
Basketball. I could play by myself and develop my skills independently, but it was also a common interest within my family. I loved spending time playing competitive games and having dunk contests in the backyard.
What's your go-to mantra when things get rough?
The comeback will be greater than the setback.

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