Frances has always been a free spirit and a lover of movement. She was an elite gymnast half of her life, but injury after injury led her to discover a functional and wellness-based lifestyle. She found yoga (or really, yoga found her!) in Thailand and she’s been teaching and training others for over eight years. Frances believes with her whole heart that yoga was made for everyBODY (that means you too). Join her for some feel-good flows that will leave you refreshed, renewed, and hopefully better off than how you started.

"It is so important to start with a strong foundation and then build on that. I love to have fun, make jokes in class, and not take things too seriously!"

Frances Brower
Frances Brower

Get to Know Frances Brower

What was your go-to sport as a kid?
I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years. I started when I was two, well really, not even two. My mom lied about my age and lied saying I was fully potty trained because she was desperate to find some activity to get my energy out. I was scaling the dishwasher and attempting to flip off it the minute my mom turned her back on me. So I can easily say gymnastics saved my life!
What brought you to the fitness industry?
I have always been a lover of movement, but had a hard time slowing down- mentally and physically. I signed up for a yoga class in college, and it was there in one my first savasanas ever that I experienced a small quiet pause. After that moment, I knew I had to share this with the world, the gift of peace and ease that you can experience during class. I signed up for my teacher training in Thailand and the rest is history!

Hear What Other Members Have To Say

Meltem B.

I had my first class with Frances. Her postivity make you feel stronger. Thanks for the awesome yoga class!

Ben C.

Frances welcomed me warmly to my first bande class, and proceeded to push me through a challenging power yoga class that was exactly what I needed.