Todd started dancing at the age of three and pursued a career as a professional dancer, performing and teaching all over the world. He spent nine years with Flywheel Sports, where he was a key player in the design and implementation of their barre and Precision Training programs and was the Director of Instructor Development and a Master Instructor. Todd is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. He holds a master’s degree in Dance from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He loves his two dogs, Butch and Lefty. He suffers from a very serious sneaker addiction, loves to read and is always on the lookout for vegan/gluten free anything.

"I want to provide a workout that meets emotional and mental needs as well as physical needs – so people are pushed past a mental barrier."

Todd Allen
Todd Allen

Get to Know Todd Allen

What’s your teaching style?
Energetic. Alignment-focused. Motivating. Supportive. Fun (with some dancing + lip synching thrown in).
Name the move you have a love-hate relationship with:
I love any move that challenges me in class. However, I do have a hate-hate relationship with burpees.

Hear What Other Members Have To Say

Simone Z.

Absolutely love Todd's class. His cheerful personality makes it easy to stay motivated. And while his classes are always different, fun is a staple.

Antonia H.

Todd is a ray of sunshine. Every class with him is challenging, yet uplifting. His jokes are simply hilarious. You haven't lived until you take his Cardio Dance class and "drive Beyoncé's car." 😉

Paulina U.

I absolutely love Todd’s class and his teaching style. His technique is precise, making every muscle work and challenging you beyond the limits. He has a positive, humorous, cheerful and joyful personality and approach in teaching the class, which is very emotionally uplifting. He brings a smile to your face, and his class puts you in a good mood.