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You're A RHYTHM MAven!

You are extremely coordinated and your mind is sharp as a whip. You love the mental challenge of a workout just as much as the physical one.

Bande classes you are going to love.

Perfect your form, challenge your fitness, and have fun while you sweat.

Our team of world-class barre trainers have advanced degrees in physiology & dance, plus decades of instructor experience. Bande instructors don’t just teach: they see you, call you by name, and give you personalized adjustments that truly transform your body.

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Set up a 10-min call with a bande coach to get you started with a personalized workout program. Our team of trainers have advanced degrees in physiology & dance, impeccable pedagogy, plus decades of experience.

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Experience 100+ weekly 2-way live workouts with elite instructors who see you, remember you, and give you life-transforming feedback.

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