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You're A Scholar Athlete!

You’re adventurous, you love to learn, and you’re not afraid to try new things. You have an all-in attitude: if you’re going to do something, you do it right and you give 100% of your energy to it. 

Bande classes you are going to love.

Perfect your form, challenge your fitness, and have fun while you sweat.

Our team of world-class barre trainers have advanced degrees in physiology & dance, plus decades of instructor experience. Bande instructors don’t just teach: they see you, call you by name, and give you personalized adjustments that truly transform your body.

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Set up a 10-min call with a bande coach to get you started with a personalized workout program. Our team of trainers have advanced degrees in physiology & dance, impeccable pedagogy, plus decades of experience.

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Experience 100+ weekly 2-way live workouts with elite instructors who see you, remember you, and give you life-transforming feedback.

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